About this site


The purpose of this site is to build an on line tennis racket database with available specifications and allow members to create and share their own collections.

The database is being updated with your help.

Check the existing database by clicking on  DATABASE and click on the pictures to enlarge and see the specification details.

We are at the beginning so many more rackets will be added to the database.

Feel free to contribute with your non existing rackets into the database

It’s very simple and fast and then you can also create and share your own collection.

Submitting rackets into the database (click link below)




To create your collection simply open a free account(Log in) and browse database rackets and add those which you already own into the collection with just one click.

Just click on “add to my collection” on each racket that you own in your home physical collection

You can create several different collections , one with your complete collection and others containing only specific brands or models,just give them a name ( my Wood rackets or my Dunlop collection or my Pro Staff collection for example)

If you possess rackets that are not into the database you can start submitting them ( Racket submission form ) and after submission you can add them to your collection, or just wait for new entries to see if those match with your physical home collection.

Export or share your collections with your friends by email , Facebook or other social networks.

Fell free to send me pictures of your collections so i can place them on the front page slider.

The pictures used on this site are for exclusively use and copyright protected.

Trade and sell

Add comments and talk with other collectors( start a forum if you like)

Enjoy your rackets and don’t forget:

Go into the court for a practice session with your favourite rackets.



Check my collection ( click on link below) :

Eduardo Nascimento collection