Guest and members collection gallery

Pepecom  Head Prestige/ Pro tour
partial collection

He’s  a big fan of the feel of these rackets, and the LM Prestige MID is still his current racket















Two TGK238.2 Microgel Paintjob, one standard length another one XL
















Two IPrestiges MP, Liquidmetal Paint job














Another gem, one of the last Prestiges played by
Dominic Thiem before switching to Babolat (heavy, head balanced, unplayable… at least by the mere mortals like me… although it feels very solid for the first 20 mins…)

unnamed-3 unnamed-4





















Weight : 342.1 gr strung, overgrip, silicone under the buttcap and lead at 12 (the one I can see, there could be more)… So not as heavy as I felt, thought it was going to be more heavy.
Balance 32.9
Swingweight 352